Watergate Quiz

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2014)
Richard Nixon addressing the Watergate issue.

Richard Nixon addressing the Watergate issue.

Watergate Quiz

Choose the best answer from the options given.

  1. Who was Bebe Robozo?
  2. Who was Virgilio Gonzalez?
  3. What was the ‘milk fund’?
  4. Was Nixon the first president to resign from office?
  5. Who was killed in a plane crash carrying $10,000 in cash?
  6. Mrs. Nixon’s nickname was what?
  7. Who was the chief prosecutor at the original Watergate trial?
  8. Who did Nixon say advised him to tape his White House conversations?
  9. Who blew the whistle on the White House taping system?
10. E. Howard Hunt wrote more than 40 spy novels. What was his nickname?
Click on the finished button when you’re done to see how well you did.

Source for information:     The Associated Press




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