The Geography of National Treasure

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2017)

The Geography of National Treasure

National Treasure Poster courtesy of the Disney Company

National Treasure Poster courtesy of the Disney Company

MiCR Lesson Plans and Materials for National Treasure

Grade Level: 6-12

Subject: Geography

Film: National Treasure

MPAA Rating: PG – 
for action violence and some scary images

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Author: Cynthia Kirkeby

Affiliation: ClassBrain, Inc.

Date: 29 November 2004

Duration: 2-3 Class Periods

Background: In National Treasure, Nicholas Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, a treasure hunter that is seeking a treasure hidden by Benjamin Franklin and our founding fathers. He follows a series of clues hidden on familiar documents such as the dollar bill and the Declaration of Independence.

Explore geography with a latitude and longitude search based on the clues in the movie National Treasure with this lesson plan from ClassBrain.

Use Google Maps to input the following latitude and longitude measurements and find the locations of the clues in National Treasure. When inputting the locations be sure to place a minus sign (-) in front of the southern longitudes (on the degrees only).

51º 30” 56’ W / 0º 7” 16’ S
25º 42” 4’ E / 32º 38” 60’ N
2º 15” 47’ E / 42º 55” 41’ N
39º 57” 22’ E / 75º 11” 38’ S
44º 26” 38’ E / 64º 18” 50’ S
38º 53” 22’ E / 77º 1” 55’ S
38º 53” 36’ E / 77º 1” 18’ S
42º 21” 30’ E / 71º 3” 32’ S
40º 42” 30’ E / 74º 0” 45’ S

Check your answers against our National Treasure solutions page.


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