The Art of the Egg

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Chicken Run - British theatrical poster

Chicken Run – British theatrical poster

The Art of The Egg
Movie: Chicken Run

Grade Level: Grade 1 through College
Subject: Art


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Author: Cynthia Kirkeby

Affiliation: ClassBrain, Inc.

Date: 18 May, 2003

Duration: 1-2 class periods

Film: Chicken Run © Dreamworks

MPAA Rating: G for all audiences

Film Information From Chicken Run

Background – Chicken Run

In Chicken Run the chickens revolt in the chicken pot pie factory. Nick Parks brings this wonderful cast of characters to life through his art of claymation. Use Chicken Run to suggest other ways the factory owners could have earned money with fancy eggs instead of chicken pies. Chose any of these great projects to design fancy eggs of your own.



Projects & Learning Links for Chicken Run and the Art of the Egg

Nathaniel Ostashewski describes the process of making brightly colored Ukrainian Easter Eggs called PYSANKY, using the artistic wax resist process.
Make a bunny with a special mosaic egg.
Source: Hands On Crafts For Kids
Level: 1st Grade & up

Lady Alexandra’s Egg-stravaganza
This page was created by the Cleveland museum of art to introduce kids to Faberge’ eggs. There are directions and a coloring book on how to build an egg stand. There is also a more in-depth section on

Faberge for older students and adults:  The World of Faberge
Source: The Cleveland Museum of Art
Level: 3rd Grade & up

Washi Eggs
These beautiful Japanese eggs are much easier to do, then they first appear. This page has clear instructions on how to make these beautiful eggs.
Source: Barbara Friedman
Level: 6th Grade & up

Learn Pysanky
Learn how to make these incredibly beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs with the help of the great tutorials and information on this site. There is a page listed under designs which shows beginner, advanced, and specialty design patterns. Clicking on the design enlarges it and gives you a palate of colors. There are step-by-step instruction, a glossary of symbols, and all sorts of other helpful hints. This art should only be done with adult supervision since it requires the use of an open flame.
Source: Learn
Level: Middle School and above

Egg Shell Carving And Sculpting
Few people, we’re sure, have ever seen carved eggshells. These have no relationship to eggs that are painted or decorated with gems or other jewels, like Faberge’s famous eggs, which weren’t even eggs. One artist in the Washington DC area is delicately sculpting on eggshells. Her eggshells are seen frequently in local art galleries. VOA Zulima Palacio spent time with Tina Kannapel and her cats – mostly NOT walking on eggshells.

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