Scorpions, Kings, and Egypt

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Scorpions, Kings, and Egypt

Subject -World History, GeographyGrade Level – 8-12

Keywords – Scorpion King, Egypt, King, Hieroglyphics, Pyramids, ancient Egypt, Saqqara, pharaoh, lesson plan, Movies in the Classroom, ClassBrain

Author – Cynthia F. Kirkeby

Affiliation – ClassBrain, Inc.

Date – May 2, 2002

Duration – 1-2 class periods


Egypt is full of mysteries.  Part of the mystery of Egyptian history is an incomplete history of its rulers. Explore the rich history, art, and language of Egypt and decide if you believe in the Scorpion King.

The Sphinx and the Pyramid at Giza by David Stanley CC-2.0

The Sphinx and the Pyramid at Giza by David Stanley CC-2.0


  • Compare the fictionalized version of Egypt in the Scorpion King against the documentary, Egypt Beyond the Pyramids.
  • How important was mysticism in Ancient Egypt?
  • Would a “sorceress” or soothsayer really be able to wield the power that the one in Scorpion King did?
  • In the Scorpion King, they show the leaders of the tribes in a type of counsel meeting.  Would this have happened in real life?  How would their spoken and written language have aided or impeded contact between the tribes?

Resources & Materials

Scorpion King – the film

Internet resources

Available worksheets

Ancient Egypt Word Search Puzzle

The Rock in Scorpion King

The Rock in Scorpion King

Film 1:  The Scorpion King (2002)

  • Synopsis: 

Was the Scorpion King real?  We may not know that for sure, but he’s larger than life in this film.  Set 5000 years ago in Gomorrah, an evil lord lays waste to the desert tribes with the assistance of a beautiful sorcerer. The Scorpion King must become more than just a mercenary in order to save the people.

  • Genre(s) – Adventure
  • Rating – PG-13  for intense sequences of action violence and some sensuality.
  • Family Rating – kids-in-mind
  • Running Time:    1 hr 29 min
  • Primary Actors – Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Michael Clarke, Steven Brand, Kelly Hu
  • Director – Chuck Russell
  • Music– John Debney
  • Screenplay – David Hayter
  • Producer(s) – Vince McMahon, Sean Daniel, James Jacks, Kevin Misher, Stephen Sommers
  • Studio – Universal Pictures, Alphaville Films, BT Film


Film 2:  Egypt Beyond the Pyramids (2001)

  • Synopsis: 

Explore Egypt in this in depth documentary from the History Channel.

  • Genre(s) – Documentary
  • Rating –
  • Family Rating – N/A
  • Running Time:    1 hr 29 min
  • Primary Actors – Peter Woodward
  • Director –  David de Vries
  • Music– Laura Karpman
  • Screenplay – Peter Woodward, David de Vries
  • Producer(s) – Raymond Bridgers, Nancy Dubuc, Craig Haffner, Donna Lusitana
  • Studio – The History Channel, Greystone Communications
  1. The Sacred Ibis by Jim Loy

An online children’s story about a special Egyptian bird.

  1. The Miracle of the Empty Tomb by Jim Loy

An online story about Nefer-Djehuti. (1 of 3)


Learning Links

Reading Level: Easy

Color Tour of Egypt

Choose from the list of Egyptian sites to see the colors of Egypt, or rather photographs of Egypt.  Choose from Giza, Cairo, Luxor and more.  Each city has several photographs that can be enlarged for a better view.

Source:    The University of Memphis

Reading Level:   Easy


Mark Millmore’s Ancient Egypt

A wealth of information is available here on subjects such as Pyramids & Temples, Kings & Queens, Hieroglyphics, games, and videos.  Read the 2,500 year-old Cinderella Story, “The Girl With the Rose Red Slippers.”

Source:              Mark Millmore

Reading Level:   Easy


Neferchichi’s Tomb – Clip Art and More…

Welcome to Neferchichi’s Tomb where you’ll come across all sorts of Egyptian items including clipart, graphics, fonts, and lesson plans for teachers and home schooling parents.  There are even Egyptian mad-libs!

Source:              Kevin Fleury

Reading Level:   Easy


This is a surface map of Egypt courtesy of the C.I.A. Fact Files   Egyptian Map- CIA

Source:              C.I.A.

Reading Level:   Easy


Bast & Sekmet: The Egyptian Cat Goddesses

Learn about how the Ancient Egyptians revered cats more than any culture in history.


Reading Level:   Easy


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