Platform 9-3/4

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2017)

A Harry Potter Extra

Platform 9-3/4

While browsing through one of our Harry Potter Writing Prompts (and catching a typo . . . thanks!) Cristela, one of our ClassBrain fans, was kind enough to send us some information about Platform 9-3/4, as well as a picture.

Cristela told us that the spot where Platform 9-3/4 would be at King’s Cross in London is one of the top tourist attractions there. She also said that it really isn’t a platform at all! Although you would not be able to board a train there, a lot of people were coming to King’s Cross just to see where “Platform 9-3/4” would be. This prompted the management to put up a sign. She also told us that people who visit the site pretend to run into the wall for photo opportunities . . . and yes, she was one of them :-).

Devoted Harry Potter fans know that when JKR was writing the story, she was envisioning Euston instead of King’s Crossing as the station. This accounts for the description of the area between platform 9 and 10 being a bit off. Also, the platform actually used for filming at King’s Cross Station is Platform 4.

Here is the picture of “Platform 9-3/4” courtesy of Cristela. Thanks again for the info and photo!

Photo courtesy of Cristela – Thank you so much!


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