Ice Age Mammals

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Explore the mammals who lived during the Ice Age.

Ice Age

Ice Age

Grade Level – K-4

Keywords – Science, Ice Age, Mammoth, Saber-tooth Tiger, Giant Sloth, 20thCentury Fox, movie, lesson plan, film, kids

Author – Cynthia F. Kirkeby

Affiliation – ClassBrain, Inc.

Date – 20 October, 2001

Duration – 1 class period


In the film, Ice Age, kids receive a fun introduction to a few of the early Ice Age mammals.


After watching Ice Age, discuss the following questions:

  • Did mammals live before or after dinosaurs?
  • Which mammals were the stars of Ice Age?
  • Were the main characters carnivores (meat eaters) or herbivores  (plant eaters)?
  • What is your favorite Ice Age mammal?
  • Which animals alive today are related to:
    • The Saber-tooth
    • The Wooly Mammoth

Resources & Materials

Ice Age, the movie

Worksheets available

Wooly Mammoth color page @ ClassBrain

Wooly Mammoth color page @ ClassBrain

Wooly Mammoth Coloring Page

Source: ClassBrain, Inc.

Sabertooth Tiger Coloring Page

Source: ClassBrain, Inc.

Giant Sloth Coloring Page

Source: ClassBrain, Inc.

Mammut Americanum Coloring Page – PDF

Source: State Historical Society of North Dakota

Ice Age Mammals to Coloring Online

Source: Enchanted Learning

Film 1:  Ice Age (2002)


A group of Ice Age animals:  a woolly mammoth, a Saber-tooth Tiger, and a Giant Sloth, find a human infant in the wilderness. Together, they try to reunite the baby with his parents.


  • Genre(s)  – Comedy, Animation
  • Rating  – MPAA – NR
  • Family Rating – not available
  • Running Time – unknown
  • Primary Actors – Ray Romano, Goran Visnjic, John Leguizamo
  • Director – Chris Wedge
  • Music – N/A
  • Screenplay – Michael Berg, Peter Ackerman, Steve Young
  • Producers – Blue Sky Studio
  • Studio – Blue Sky Studio/ 20th Century Fox

Reading Connections

Sunset of the Sabertooth by Mary Pope Osborne

Reading Level 4-8 yrs.

The Magic Tree House transports Jack and Annie back in time to the Ice Age, where they encounter cave people, woolly mammoths, and fierce sabertooth tigers.

Painters of the Cave by Patricia Lauber

Reading Level: 9-12 yrs.

In this lavishly illustrated book for young readers, Patricia Lauber brings to life the Ice Age hunters and gatherers who were the ancestors of modern humans.

Ice Age Mammoth by Barbara Hehner

Reading Level 9-12 yrs

As scientists carefully thaw this giant intact prehistoric mammal, they hope to learn more about how the species lived and why it–the largest mammal to ever live–became extinct. But most important, this animal’s well-preserved body may help answer an incredible question–can the mammoth be cloned and one day walk the earth again?


Related Internet Sources

A Virtual Tour: Ice Age Mammals – through the Wayback Machine

Come face to face with the fossils of a long-tusked American mastodon, a towering giant ground sloth, and other Ice Age creatures in this virtual exhibit.

Source:  National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute

Humans have killed Mammoths, studied them and now are attempting to bring them back to life. Read the history of this unusual creature and find out if he can be cloned.



Ice Age Mammals

During the last Ice Age, there were many large, interesting mammals, like the saber-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, mastodons, and mammoths. Explore what the early mammals looked like, and choose some fun coloring pages to show your creative side.

Source: Enchanted Learning


After the Dinosaurs: The Age of Mammals

The creators of robotic mammals introduce the Ice Age with photos and a brief introduction. There are wonderful photos of a Wooly Mammoth, a Sabertooth Tiger, and other more exotic creatures such as the Platybelodon.

Source:   Dinosaurs Kokoro


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