Harry Potter Writing Prompts – Life at Hogwarts

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2015)

Harry Potter Writing Prompts

Life at Hogwarts

You’ve just become a student at Hogwarts, and you need to make some basic decisions about school life in the world of wizards. This isn’t your regular school year approaching, so make sure that you’re happy with the arrangements.

Harry Potter - Hogwarts

Harry Potter – Hogwarts

Writing Prompt #1
It’s your turn to be sorted by the Sorting Hat. It’s considering placing you in Slytherin. Are you happy with that placement or would you like to belong to a different house?

Writing Prompt #2
Harry has Hegwig the owl, Ron has Scabbers the rat, and Hagrid loves dragons. There are also unicorns, centaurs, and all manner of other mystical beasts running around Hogwarts and the Dark Forest. What’s your favorite magical creature from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

Writing Prompt #3
Hermione is a whiz with spells before she even arrives at Hogwarts. Have you been studying your spell books, too? If so, what is your favorite spell at this stage. Hermione has quite a few helpful ones.

Writing Prompt #4
There are a few rules that are to be followed at this new school you’re attending. Certain places are off limits, and you can’t go into the rooms of the other Hogwarts Houses. Are you good about following rules? When would you think it was justified to break one of the rules, and why?

Writing Prompt #5
The tests at Hogwarts aren’t anything like the ones you had to take in Muggle school. A mistake on one of these test could blow up the desk or change your classmate into something rather unpleasant. Write a passage about the most difficult test you had to take, either in real life or in your “wizard life.”

*Bonus* Writing Prompt #6
Someone has sent you a special gift by Owl Mail. Harry Potter just got a Nimbus 2000 from Professor Dumbledore. What did you find when you unwrapped your gift, and who sent it to you?

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