Harry Potter Writing Prompts – Gringott’s Bank

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2015)

Harry Potter Writing Prompts

Gringott’s Bank

In the movie, Harry Potter and the Sorceres Stone, we are introduced to Gringott’s Bank, the main banking establishment of the wizarding world. It is an eerie place where goblins are the bank tellers and a maze of tunnels lead to elaborate vaults of untold riches. In the book, we learn even more about the bank, including its security system of dragons and spells. Use this information to work on your journal entries this week and have fun!

Gringott's Bank exterior

Gringott’s Bank exterior

Writing Prompt #1

Gringott’s is the famous bank run by goblins. Inside the bank are treasures of all sorts. You have just found out that you inherited a vault from a long lost uncle. Write a passage about what you find when you go to Gringott’s to open the vault.

Writing Prompt #2

You are a wizard that has tried to rob one of Gringotts’ vaults. You failed and the vault has sucked you inside . . . for the next 20 years! Since you are a Wizard you can survive in the vault. What would it be like to be by yourself for the next 20 years? What would you do to make it endurable?

Writing Prompt #3

You got lost on the way to your vault inside of Gringott’s. As you turn a corner, there is a huge dragon looking menacingly at you. What do you do?

Writing Prompt #4

You were just given a Gringots vault. What would you put in it?

Writing Prompt #5

You are the chief goblin in charge of internal communications at Gringott’s. Each week you publish a short newsletter explaining what has happened at the bank. Write this wees report and detail the special visitors, attempted break-ins, and other happenings at Gringotts.

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