Harry Potter Writing Prompts – Diagon Alley

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2015)

Harry Potter Writing Prompts

Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley . . . Who wouldn’t want to shop in this magical place? In the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, we get our first peek at this magical place. Wands, treats, cloaks, books, and magical creatures are just a few of the things you will discover in these shops. So wander the streets of Diagon Alley and explore them in your journal this week.

Harry Potter's Diagon Alley
Writing Prompt #1

Is time for you to pack your things to leave for Hogwarts. Although you need to stop at Diagon Alley for many of your supplies, what would you want to bring from home?

Writing Prompt #2

You just won a shopping spree at Diagon Alley. Make a list of all of the things you would like to buy for your stay at Hogwarts. You are only allowed one thing from each store. List the store and what you would purchase.

Writing Prompt #3

Ollivandes Wand Shop has notified you that you are to pick up your wand by the end of the day. Which wand has chosen you? What type of wood is it made of and what core enchantment does it have? Which qualities do you possess that convinced that wand you were the perfect match?

Writing Prompt #4

Flourish & Blott’s just agreed to publish your first book. What is the title and what is it about?

Writing Prompt #5

You have just stopped by the Magical Menagerie to pick up a magical pet for your stay at Hogwarts. Which pet do you want to bring? A cat, a toad, a rat, or an owl?

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