FJORG! – The International Animation Contest at SIGGRAPH

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2014)

Submit Your Application by May 7th, 2008

Last year the best animation teams in the world competed at SIGGRAPH in FJORG! For the first time, SIGGRAPH is allowing individual animators to submit their work and be considered for the highly coveted FJORG! team placements. The new category is called “pot luck.” If you are a solo animator without a team, but you have great character animation material, you can apply as a single entrant by submitting a demo reel (60 seconds or shorter). If you are selected, you will be grouped with two other single entrants to form a team of three.

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Switch by Jim Levasseur, Tomas Jech and W. Jacob Gardner

16 animation teams, each containing 3 members, will be chosen from team demo reels showcasing the best 2D and 3D animation. The teams only have 32 hours to create an character-driven animation of at least 15 seconds in length that catches the judges attention and adheres to at least one of two themes.

“FJORG! is a mentor-driven event meant to celebrate the animation community and open up opportunities for hard-working artists in the industry. For this event, we are pooling from the best animators in the world, both pre-established teams as well as individuals,” stated Patricia Beckmann-Wells, SIGGRAPH 2008 FJORG! Chair from Walt Disney Animation Studios. “Our goal is to build on the resounding success of the competition’s first year that resulted in new friendships and prizes for many of our participants.”

In 2007, Team Mocap, which included Jim Levasseur, Tomas Jech, and W. Jacob Gardner from Bowling Green State University, was selected as the first place winner for their animation “Switch.” To view their winning animation,click here.

Take a look at the other FJORG! Entires from 2007

Pigtails at Siggraph

Pigtails at Siggraph

Pigtails by Joe Garthan, Denny Jovic and Ryan Drag

Also new this year: if they have enough teams submit work in the professional and student categories, they will split the judging between pros and students to create two competing categories of teams. This is dependent on the entries submitted. This means that if enough of you get moving and send in your reels, they could DOUBLE the number of teams this year, and they could have up to 16 teams that were made up of students!

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