Learning Links for the Holocaust

Learning Links for “The Pianist” By Sarah Lane May 23, 2004, 08:45 PST Websites for Student Resources Szpilman Net Read several reviews and articles pertaining to the motion picture The Pianist. Learn about the awards and accolades this film and book have received, as well as the albums that accompany this movie. Read stories, war notes, and more. Source:       MVS The Pianist Movie View the trailer of this movie that won three Academy Awards; Best Adapted Screenplay – Ronald Harwood, Best Director – Roman Polanski, and Best Male Actor – Adrien Brody. Read the poem With A Variable Key by Paul Celan, and learn all about the film. Source:       Focus Features The Pianist Site See images from and read about this epic tale of survival. Listen to various music selections, read the story, find out more about the film’s director Roman Polanski, the players, the filmmakers, and watch video clips. Source:       thepianist-themovie.com Roman Polanski This is the official site of Roman Polanski who directed The Pianist. If you read French, this is the site for you. If not, then it’s still fun to poke around here. Source:       Roman Polanski Productions Holocaust Memorial Center – Life Chance Exhibit This exhibit is designed to illustrate the progressively hopeless condition of the Jews from 1933 to 1945. No matter what path they chose, their chances of escaping their horrible fate were almost non-existent. Life Chance confronts you NOW with some of the decisions that had to be faced THEN. Choose your educational background to begin your journey. Source:    ...

Platform 9-3/4

While browsing through one of our Harry Potter Writing Prompts (and catching a typo . . . thanks!) Cristela, one of our ClassBrain fans, was kind enough to send us some information about Platform 9-3/4, as well as a picture.