Platform 9-3/4

While browsing through one of our Harry Potter Writing Prompts (and catching a typo . . . thanks!) Cristela, one of our ClassBrain fans, was kind enough to send us some information about Platform 9-3/4, as well as a picture.

Ice Age Mammals

Explore the mammals who lived during the Ice Age. Grade Level – K-4 Keywords – Science, Ice Age, Mammoth, Saber-tooth Tiger, Giant Sloth, 20thCentury Fox, movie, lesson plan, film, kids Author – Cynthia F. Kirkeby Affiliation – ClassBrain, Inc. Date – 20 October, 2001 Duration – 1 class period Background In the film, Ice Age, kids receive a fun introduction to a few of the early Ice Age mammals. Objective After watching Ice Age, discuss the following questions: Did mammals live before or after dinosaurs? Which mammals were the stars of Ice Age? Were the main characters carnivores (meat eaters) or herbivores  (plant eaters)? What is your favorite Ice Age mammal? Which animals alive today are related to: The Saber-tooth The Wooly Mammoth Resources & Materials Ice Age, the movie Worksheets available Wooly Mammoth Coloring Page Source: ClassBrain, Inc. Sabertooth Tiger Coloring Page Source: ClassBrain, Inc. Giant Sloth Coloring Page Source: ClassBrain, Inc. Mammut Americanum Coloring Page – PDF Source: State Historical Society of North Dakota Ice Age Mammals to Coloring Online Source: Enchanted Learning Film 1:  Ice Age (2002) Synopsis: A group of Ice Age animals:  a woolly mammoth, a Saber-tooth Tiger, and a Giant Sloth, find a human infant in the wilderness. Together, they try to reunite the baby with his parents.   Genre(s)  – Comedy, Animation Rating  – MPAA – NR Family Rating – not available Running Time – unknown Primary Actors – Ray Romano, Goran Visnjic, John Leguizamo Director – Chris Wedge Music – N/A Screenplay – Michael Berg, Peter Ackerman, Steve Young Producers – Blue Sky Studio Studio – Blue Sky Studio/ 20th...